European Union (EU) REACH Certification

  • NewClean passed EU's Highest Security Requirement
  • Substance of Very High Concern(SVHCs) Test
  • REACH 169 SVHCs Test
  • The ultimate confirmation of product safety, NewClean passes with flying colours!

Repels Water

  • Wet and soggy shoes after raining? Had enough?
  • Don't let the weather get you down, spray NewClean
  • Rain or shine, you stay dry and comfortable


  • NewClean is alcohol-free and uses a non-gas packaging

Zero Skin Irritation

  • Why does all other kinds of water repellent are only used to spray shoes?
  • If it is unsafe and not environmentally-friendly, of course it cannot be sprayed on clothes
  • This is the most precious gift NewClean can bring to your family.

UV Resistant

  • Beautiful and young skin,
  • How can we allow them to be bullied by malignant UV?
  • Spray NewClean, perfect protection against UV rays


  • NewClean is formulated with nano protection
  • Providing an environment in which bacteria and mold are unable to grow
  • Antibacterial, effective and long-lasting


  • Commercially available, fluorine based water-repellent faces the biggest problem
  • In addition to safety and effectiveness
  • It will affect the surface of the material
  • NewClean, does not change the characteristic of the fabric feel

Excellent Breathability

  • Hydrophobic top structure
  • Water vapour is “wicked” away quickly, ensuring breathability
  • No more awkward situations, no more “foul-smelling” atmosphere

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